"On our visit, there was a group or re-enactors.
They were excellent and helped bring the place to life"

Monastic Life

What is Monastic Life?

Monastic Life refers to the lives of those men and women living in monasteries across the country. From Monks to Nuns we portray them all.

Religious life was facinating, with many aspects from religious activity to law enforcement it certainly makes for an interesting display!

What's in the display?

Our Monastic Life display can be anything you want really, but our most common display is showcasing the life of the monks and nuns in the middle ages.

Our Monks' Life events delve into the lives of monks living in monasteries during the medieval period. We show how they lived; what chores they had to do, how many times they had to go to church, what they ate, when they ate, when they slept and pretty much every aspect of their lives. We do this by having a small living history camp from which we make base. Here we display some of the chores they had to do like cooking and making medicine. We also chat to visitors to discuss what it was like to be a monk of the time. We often also have nuns with us to give a different aspect on monastic life.

We have also performed a Law and Order day in the past, this takes time to show how the religious men of the monasteries used to keep law and order on their local communities. Often abbeys would have their own court house where they could take tithes but also dispense justice on any wrong doers.

Where have you performed this before?

We have performed this display many times at the great Cistercian monastery of St. Mary, Furness Abbey. For the past few years we have set up a small display in the cloister range where we chat to visitors, showcase various chores and jobs the monks living there would have to undertake as well as took special tours. Monks have also made an aoppearence at Cartmel for the Magna Carta 800 celebration, Ulverston Apple Day and Dalton Castle.

Get a taste of what we do:

If you are interested in booking Iron Shepherds Living History for your event then please feel free to get in touch via email at ironshepherdslivinghistory@gmail.com or send us a message through our Facebook page here.

Iron Shepherds is an ever developing group with a real passion for what we do and we are excited to see what the future holds for us and for living history!
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