Two workshops to give youngsters a taste of life in the past

On Friday 4th and 11th August we will be heading back to Heron Corn Mill to do some workshops with young people.

Our first workshop will revolve around Victorian Fun and give the youngsters a chance to play with and learn the rules of traditional games. This will give them an idea of how people used to have fun in the era and give them an insight into how people from the lower classes made fun for themselves.

The second workshop will be all about medieval rope and net making. Those attending will be able to get hands on and make rope using an authentic rope walk as well as try their hand at knitting a net. These were important skills in the past as rope and nets were used for a multitude of different things.

We are really excited for these workshops and will be sure to let you know how they go!

There limited places still available for these workshops, click here to find out more and book.

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