Life in the Past Events - New Umbrella Term

Since we started as a group back in 2012 we have been creating and organising our own events. Our very first event as a group was in fact one we organised and hosted; a medieval fair at the Abbey Mill Coffee shop near Furness Abbey. Each year we have added to our own event list creating more and more unique events. In 2015 we took a big step forward and organised a two day event at Furness Abbey entitled 'Life in the Past' this was split into two sections - 'Meet the Peasants' and 'Meet the Monks'.

It was a great weekend and a great success. This led to another big leap forward in 2016 when we organised 6 brand new events alongside 3 facinating talks by archeaologists and University lecturers. This was the Life in the Past Festival - a summer long festival with events at various local attractions. The whole thing was a huge success and we were so proud of what we achieved. At the close of the festival we decided to rest it for a year and return to it in 2018.

We didn't however want to leave all the events we had created alone so we followed a couple of them through to our 2017 programme and decided to make 'Life in the Past' the new umbrella term for all of our own events.

This year we currently have three Life in the Past events scheduled: Peasants' Life at Aydon Castle, Monks' Life at Furness Abbey and Victorian Fun & Games at Furness Abbey. We hope also to return to the Dickensian Festival in November with our Victorian Yard event - keep an eye out for news regarding that!

Find out more about our Life in the Past events and Festival on our dedicated website here.

To find out more about our coming events click here.

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