Monks' Life Returning June 18th 2017

We are extremely pleased to announce that we will be returning to Furness Abbey with our Monks' Life Display in 2017.

Monks' Life has been a staple for us since 2014 when we first created and hosted the event. The original idea was to showcase the life of Monks living in the middle ages, how they lived, worked and ate.

Life in monasteries was facinating, the way the monks devoted their lives to worship, going to church eight times each day, eating small, tasteless meals, working long hard hours in the fields or around the monastery and living a life void of love and affection. Our aim was and still is to show this interesting life through a small intimate display.

Our 2017 display will take place on 18th June from 10am - 5pm and will be the fourth year of us performing this display.

Find out more about this event here.

Find out more about the life of monks in our blog here.

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